Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Favorite Apps: Productivity

 ASTRO File Manager

Price: FREE
I'm sure most people have heard of ASTRO File Manager by now and a large percentage probably have it installed on their device. For those not falling into either of those categories, it's time to join the party. OK, it's not a party, but it's an incredibly useful app that allows you to browse the contents of your SD card and file system. This functionality should be built-in to Android, but since it's not, this is the next best thing. The instances in which you'd want or need to view the contents of your SD card are countless (flash drive functionality, music, videos, etc) and this gives you the access you need to do so. This is the first app I install when I get a new Android device.
Download Links:   Appolicous  |  App Brain  |  Cyrket

 Battery Widget

Price: FREE
The little green battery icon next to the clock in the top bar does nothing for me. Basically, I can tell if the battery is full or empty--anything else is guess-work. The Battery Widget app is a simple icon that sits on one of your homescreens and simply displays your remaining battery life--IN A PERCENTAGE! What a novel concept. Simple pleasures, I know, but it's one of those apps that is incredibly useful and would have trouble living without at this point.
Download Links:   Appolicous  |  App Brain  |  Cyrket

 Mobisle Notes

Price: FREE
There are a lot of note-taking apps in the Market, and a lot of good ones too. Some include calendars, to-do lists, pictures, online-sync, etc. The notes app that I've been using for some time is Mobisle Notes. You could call it barebones in that it doesn't have online-sync, calendars or allow for image upload. The reasons I like and use this app are:
  • Clean, appealing interface that scales perfectly on any size screen
  • Fast and responsive
  • Customizable with sorting, language and security options
  • Ability to create local backups (with restore functionality also, of course)
  • Notes or To-Do list functionality
  • Email notes/lists
  • Smart 1-click recognition of phone numbers, addresses and email addresses
Yes, it's simplified, but that's what to-do lists and notes are all about--to quickly jot something down. Mobisle Notes works very well for my purposes.
Download Links:   Appolicous  |  App Brain  |  Cyrket

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